Macquarie Research Projects

Current Research Projects at Macquarie University



    • The Corpus Fontium Manichaeorum Project is a major international research and publication project sponsored by UNESCO under the aegis of the Integrated Study of the Silk Road. The project aims to publish not only genuine Manichaean texts, but also the principal witnesses of the religion from Islamic and Christian (Patristic) traditions (such as the voluminous writings of Saint Augustine, who was a Manichaean for nine years), which will form a substantial part of the series.



    • Manichaean and (Nestorian) Christian Remains in Zayton:Since 2000, a Macquarie research team has been systematically collecting and analysing the Manichaean and Nestorian remains discovered at the port city of Quanzhou (Ch’üan-chou, viz. the Zayton of Marco Polo) by Chinese archaeologists. It is an important project focussing on the diffusion and cultural adaptation of two religions of Near Eastern origin, Manichaeism and Christianity, in China, which they had entered via the Silk Road in the Middle Ages.



    • SERICA is the website of the Australian team participating in the international project “China and the Ancient Mediterranean World”. This is an official project of the International Union of Academies which aims to foster research collaboration between ancient historians and classical scholars in China and the West. While the project will focus on both the literary and archaeological evidence on cultural, commercial and religious contacts between the Romano-Byzantine Empire and China, the Australian team will concentrate on the analysis of Greek, Latin, Middle Iranian, Syriac and Chinese texts on the historical geography of Central Asia and the diffusion of ‘Western’ religions.