Macquarie Asian Historical Research Society Seminar


  • 05/09/2013 – 6:00-7:00 PM


  • Presentation by Prof. Zhang Jianlin (Deputy Director, Shaanxi Province Archaeological Institute) – “Insights into Recent Chinese Archaeology: Archaeological Study of the Tomb of Consort Wu Huifei”


This talk will focus on the Shaanxi Province Archaeological Institute’s excavation of the tomb of Tang Emperor Xuanzong’s consort Wu Huifei (d. 737 C.E.). According to historical records, Consort Wu did not achieve the title of Empress during her lifetime. However Emperor Xuanzong ordered that she be treated as one in the palace and on her death Consort Wu was accorded the title Empress Zhenshun and given the funerary rights of an empress – a rare occurrence in Chinese history. Special attention will be paid to the extensive frescoes and a large stone sarcophagus recovered from the tomb. The funerary art from this tomb holds an important place in Chinese art history. These results are also of great significance in light of strict modern Chinese archaeological regulations against the excavation of emperor’s tombs.

This lecture will be interpreted into English by Lydia Gore-Jones (MAHRS Treasurer).



Room: W6A 707



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