Macquarie Asian Historical Research Society Seminar


  • 15/05/2013 – 1:00-2:00 PM


  • Presentation by Dr. Kranti K. Farias – “Travels, trails and travails of the Jewish communities of India”


This presentation will delve into the history and origins of the various Jewish communities of India with special focus on their life and culture in the midst of a diverse multi-cultural and multi-linguistic nation. Aspects covered include: Religious freedom enjoyed by them in secular India; how they retained their spirit and religious practices despite attempts at their conversion by foreign Christian missionaries; their integration with the country of their adoption which was a haven to them, incorporating local culture without compromising on their religious beliefs; and how some found their way back into mainstream Judaism.

Dr. Kranti K. Farias is the former President of The Church History Association of India. Her doctoral work, entitled “The Christian Impact in South Kanara” was published in 1999. She has published several articles and read papers on Indian Nationalism, Indian Christians and Indian Jewish communities in India, Israel and Canada.

Her current area of research is the history of the Jewish communities in India and the diaspora with special focus on the B’nei Menashe of North East India (Manipur & Mizoram States) and the Bene Ephraim (Telugu Jews of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh State, South India). She was Principal of St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School and Modern Indian School in Mumbai. She lectured at the St. Xavier’s College and R. D. National College in History and Political Science and was also a Lecturer-Teacher Educator at the Rizvi College of Education, all in Mumbai.

She is working on a book on cultural comparison of the Indian Jewish and Indian Christian Communities. This will be an interesting exposé of two Semitic communities living in harmony in India, knowledgeable about their roots and proud of their heritage.




Room: W6A 308



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