About Us

The Macquarie Asian Historical Research Society (MAHRS) was formed in March 2010.

MAHRS was founded by PhD Candidates at Macquarie who felt a need for greater rapport between fellow students who had research interests in Asian history. The founding members came from disparate historical research backgrounds, and it was a relief to discover other students sharing a passion for this field of research. As of the founding of MAHRS, there is little ground for those willing to undertake Asian historical research; thus one of primary goals of MAHRS is to bind current and potential Asian history researchers.

The founding PhD MAHRS members have already begun to expand the greater knowledge of Asian history. MAHRS is not only a society, but a forum within which members may discuss and contest ideas on aspects of Asian historical cultures.

With this key development in mind we decided to expand our membership from Postgraduate member core to include a growing number of enthusiastic undergraduate students. The undergraduates who have joined MAHRS have demonstrated enthusiasm and ambition in Asian historical research and have been an invaluable addition to the group’s dynamic. Moreover, our postgraduate members are willing to provide undergraduates with guidance and advice on furthering their research in Asian historical studies.

What Do We Define as Asian Historical Research?
MAHRS is open to a wide range of Asian historical research inclusive of archaeological and historical studies, and welcomes new research concepts and multi-disciplinary approaches. We accept a broad geographical definition of ‘Asia’ – from Hokkaido to Hungary and from the Tundra to Timor. Our interests are wide ranging and inclusive of all Asian historical/archaeological cultures; as well as the ‘core’ cultural spheres of Asia we also welcome work on more peripheral or lesser known cultures. Although we do lean toward the study of ancient Asian cultures, we are open to comparative historical models and are thus accepting of modern historical research in this scope.

MAHRS Meetings/Seminars:
MAHRS meets once every six weeks to discuss topics of related interest and news in Asian historical research. Seminar presentations are given by senior members of the group on areas of specialised research. The meetings are held in the afternoon for approximately seventy five minutes.

The Website:
Our website provides information about our MAHRS activities, membership applications and general news. In addition, members post blogs/articles from the field, book reviews and conference/symposia reports. We aim to keep our ‘ears to the ground’ and to inform our members of the goings-on in Asian historical research in Australia and abroad.